Fascism in ten easy steps

Here is a little warning that our Democracy is eroding and in it place fascist Americka.  From Naomi Wolf's "The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot" Here are the ten steps:

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
2. Create a gulag
3. Develop a thug caste
4. Set up an internal surveillance system
5. Harass citizens' groups
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
7. Target key individuals
8. Control the press
9. Dissent equals treason
10. Suspend the rule of law

The article is worth a read from the gaurdian uk.

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Water Stress Infographic

We all know that water is the most vital resourse well, one of them, there is always this argument... this is a interactive graphic showing water stress for the next 50 years. 
"Here we present global data from the United Nations Environment Programme and Stockholm Environment Institute, indicating how freshwater demand is likely to develop through to 2050. It uses the current rate of water use per person, without taking into account possible increases in water use due to economic growth or improvements in water use efficiency. The regions most vulnerable to domestic water shortages include those where access to water is already limited, where the population is growing rapidly, where urban centers are spreading, and where the economy is burdened by financial problems and a lack of skilled workers." 

Nice graphic, bad news.

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Victims of Progression = great animation

My Friend Pete sent this to me today... Three nice subjects: 1. chalk drawing 2. Phillip Glass 3. human/nature over industry and money! Enjoy.

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Guggenheim infographic

This is a cool diagram of the cracks in the face of the Guggenheim museum, one of my favorite museeums. It is part of a show "Restoring a Masterpiece" See the whole thing here.


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Buy this table so I can pay 1200$ for a small piece of concrete

This a great idea for a table. Only so many will be made. I think that I will wait a little while for this one.

"This table will self-destruct... Made of concrete "pixels," each time a new table is produced, a pixel is removed from the design. Because material is taken away with each rendition, every table is unique. Following these set rules of self-destruction, the shape becomes more intricate as it diminishes... Made only until the shape is no longer desirable."

You can check or buy it from studio one.

back in it

It has been a while but I am getting back into this blog. I have been busy with shit and my own site (which is stil not right...)