more street art

Walking around Berlin today, wandering really. Found a Socialist archive booktore the woman in there speaks english, i will return to chat for sure. As always there is much great art on the walls of Berlin. My radius has increased by eight blocks. More wandering to come. It is nice to feel like I live here and not just visiting as a tourist. Although the arboretum is calling...



Yeah it snowed today. Refreshing after staying up all night drinking. Then a fat German sunday style breakfast (cheese and potatos) yummy. As well the sunday quiet laws here make it even more peaceful.


cool bar/ modern building

here is a cool bar we saw today. even got to ride on a double decker bus!

Berlin street art

Berlin walls are coverd with art. Most of it is just trash tagging. but some of it is clean and nice. Now that I am starting to feel a little more at ease with pulling my camera out and taking pictures of these pieces. these are the first two, I plan on more, and will post them on flicker. When I have more.

P.S. It is lightly snowing right now nice!


somthing to see

postwar modern buildings which were built between 1945 and 1989 and are being gradually erased from Berlin's topography.berlin modern i am gonna find one of these for sure.

Germany is rad with company

Nice dinner tonight with ebony and friends. Was house bound for most of the day. Went shopping with Ebony. And went on a solo beer run... so not a lot to say except that I love travel and Berlin rocks. My German is lacking even for the simple things. But I am here for a different reason... and so the view from the kitchen window and a picture of ebony. Day two of .... 24? Still have a good feeling about this trip, even with all the intensity.


A few pictures

Here are some pictures from the plane, they did not come out as well as I thought they would. The pictures are of cloulds over Illinois and Newark airport. So it is a quickie. Did get a chance to walk around Ebony's nieborhood today and got a feel of where everything is here. This pactiular hood has the largest Turkish population in the world outside of Turkey, who knew?


Not synthetic synth

This is amazing... M.I.T. people have a) to much time on there hands b) or are so smart that the future is bright for the rest of us. Anyway, Noah Vawter experimented with making a synth instrument with all natural components. Essentially he created a simple synthesizer with tomato juice, copper and aluminum. Cool stuff. Here is the video synth from nothin.


First digital camera

After fighting it for a while... I just got my first digital camera. A little over whelming for a simple tool. To get the look I want, I have to learn it's look. At least my flicker will be more exciting.


Mobile post. True geek out

Jimmy and Judy

This movie Jimmy and Judy Played at the S.F. independent film festival . The movie Jimmy and Judy is reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde/Natural Born Killers. The trailer is awesome and intense. I hope this one makes into the theaters. (...Thanks Dave)


This is on the list to check out

Wow I had no idea this was in San Francisco. Audium is a theater of sound sculpture, sounds cool.

Electro hip hop

This one from stacs of stamina fun Swedish hip hopish group (there myspace page: stacsofstamina). The track that's Loud from the ‘mistake, rewind, repeat’ ep, is fun bounce like track that is all smiles another sunny day track, it is good to be in California. report says it's goning to be in the upper 70's today, feeling for the folks back east right now. I been through those winters, it's good for some quality inside time...


Honda ads rock

Honda comes thru with another ad that just blows me away. This ad is from the Lost in Space group. And the car looks well designed and fun.
(via: mocoloco)


uncommon music

Found this gem on boingboing today. Gizmodo had a contest for hard drive crash music pretty cool stuff. Here is the winning track Noriko Version cool stuff.


music that is good

This track made me smile. Nice for a sunny day and all. The track is from PIVOT Make Me Love You and here is their mySpace page:piviotisagoodboy. fun electrotype stuff.
Still waiting for the day I get on a plane for the "home land" counting the days...


Interesting art

Kathraina Grosse has a show opening at the DE APPEL gallery in Amsterdam on Friday February 10th. Her work, to me, seems like fantasia disassembled itself and reconstructed color by color where ever it wanted. Amsterdam seems like the perfect place to see this show with the cafes it is famous for.


no work today

So... there was no work today (that i wanted to do)perfect day to sit on the porch. also had lunch with A. at fish.. also rode my bike reeeeeeeal slow to enjoy every sun ray. california rocks


this is one of the good things...

today is the day

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