Shit maybe it is

Nothing seems to be going right today. I got so lost in Berlin. Had no fucking idea where I was. Sucked, totally frustrated. To top it off (this may sound like a spoiled brat thing to say, but) my ipod crashed like a shit ton of bricks as well. godfuckingdamit... I was looking to have something to do on the flight back, maybe listen to music, call me crazy.

Getting lost was fun. like seeing things that are off the beaten path for sure. This whole city is just that, whole. So many people here doing what people do, Living day to day. It's nice to think that the whole world is doing the same. As a people we connect thru many different channels. It is funny to think that there is so much strife.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ACH..your IPOD crashed??? What the hell. Sorry man. I guess you will just have to stirke up some rich cinversations...or sleep.



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