Thoughts for a sunday morning

For a long time I have surrounded my self within the vortex-void.

"I can answer that: at the center of the swirling mass is a void.
This void, being particularly tricky, has disguised itself as something higher and seemingly almost unattainable.
If you reach the edge of the void and examine it closely enough it morphs into the back of a crumpled milk carton upon which you see an empty picture frame (actually a recent photo of the void) and the words:
Missing: out on the rest of the world
Last Seen: yesterday; everywhere else but here." -Ebony Browne

This is what prompts me to act now. Tired of what my life has amounted to thus far, Always ready for table scraps flying out of the void, and then building a life out of them. The good old complacent mirror telling lies, with half of me in there staring out at myself. Telling me the truth that I would like to hear, Telling all the lies there are in the world,to make it seem right.
Easy enough right? Now, I know that is wrong and am going to change it.

Some thoughts on a Quiet sunday in Berlin. And it is quiet in the city on sundays nice and quiet.


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